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Teachucator was designed to solve a challenge that confronts virtually all schools: how to provide feedback to educators given the lack of time to sit in classrooms  or clinical settings, and the need to bring in multiple experts.  Teachucator provides a secure, safe setting to upload videos of classrooms, clinical settings, or any other student-related environment, and then invite in a designated individual or team to provide feedback on the video material.  All comments are time-stamped and color coded by team member, allowing others to click on the comment and jump right to the relevant material in the video. Teachucator can therefore be used to gather best practices, to train new staff members, and to guide data gathering methods with respect to inter-observer ratings.




The following table showcases the core features of the Teachucator architecture:

The following shows the dashboard for one user, viewing one video, with the time-stamped comments in the side bar. Users can sort by team member providing feedback, respond to someone else's feedback, edit responses and share material with other school or program members.












Subscriptions to Teachucator are based on a yearly school fee in addition to a per user fee.  Please contact us to discuss pricing and arrangements that can be made to meet your needs. Our goal is to help your program reach great potential by using a safe platform for sharing best practices, training new staff, and establishing high inter-observer reliabilities.  Contact us at











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