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Ultimately, our clients are children in special education. We work with children from Pre-K to 12+, with a wide range of social-emotional, academic, cognitive and motor disabilities. Because of our experience directly working with these children, together with our expertise in the mind and brain sciences, we offer children in special education a unique opportunity to grow by gaining confidence, developing self-regulation strategies, and making healthy decisions.

#1: children!

#2: educators



We work directly with teachers, counselors, clinicians, and doctors to support what they are already doing fantastically, and to provide ways of gaining new insights into their work by seeing the connections to the sciences of learning and decision-making, together with the fundamental importance of using evidence to show effectiveness. We achieve this by spending time in your environment, learning about your strategies and challenges. From this experience, we help you increase capacity by providing tools to reduce time and increase impact.



#3: special ed programs



We work in public and private alternative education programs, day and residential, as well as within public schools. We not only have experience in these different settings, but truly enjoy the diversity and insights that come from seeing different populations and strategies for helping them. And though we primarily work within the United States, we also have international experience, with collaborative efforts in Kenya, India, China, and Nigeria. 









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