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Educata software is a powerful, simple-to-use, completely customizable, web-based platform for collecting meaningful evidence. Risk-Eraser understands that educators working with children don't have time to learn new software. This is why Educata software was designed to be intuitive and usable right out of the login.  With Educata, educators will be up and running immediately, collecting data and quantifying patterns.



You teach us about the evidence you currently collect and we give you the tools to do it with brilliance!  You tell us how you want to demonstrate effectiveness and we will build a system within Educata's software that translates your insights into an evidence-based machine to document student growth!

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Educata software provides easy to use forms designed to meet the evidence-based needs of your program. Our form-based approach will save your staff time while ensuring accurate and easy to interpret data.  Forms are completely customizable in terms of content and layout, including the option of embedding pictures, videos, and any style of question (radio buttons, drop downs, text boxes, and automatic calculations). Each form submitted is automatically integrated into a dynamic dashboard that provides charts and tables that can be dissected with a click of a button or exported into a data report.  With these charts and analyses, you can readily document areas of strength and weakness among your students, teachers, teaching assistants, clinicians, and administrators.  With these charts,

you can educate students, staff, districts and parents!


All of your data are encrypted and stored under high levels of security, protecting confidential information according to HIPAA and FERPA mandates. 


 EDUCATA is web-based so there is no software to download; staff can use the software with any

  browser on any device; multiple staff members can be working on the same reporting application or  

  data analysis at the same time.


You will have access to your forms, data and charts 24/7.

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Educata software pricing is based on two components: sites and forms. A site is defined by physical location and typically refers to a school or residence. A form is defined as a single data collection tool with a particular function, irrespective of the number or complexity of questions and entries. Included in the pricing of the form is secured data storage, access to the data generated, and the charting functions. 


All prices are for yearly subscriptions. We are willing to discuss pricing options based on your needs and resources. Please contact us at:




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