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Goal Seeker 


Goal Seeker software is the ultimate platform for educators who want to track, chart, and dissect student performance measures, including IEP goals, objectives and benchmarks, attendance, grades, and homework.  Because  of the considerable programming intelligence that powers the reporting dashboard, users can readily visualize patterns at the level of a student, a teacher with several students, a clinician with students with similar disabilities, or a program focusing on a common set of behavioral goals or skills. Because of the searchable bank of measures and scales, created by a community of education experts and scientists, users can both easily use and revise existing assessments, while adding and evolving this rich resource. Because of its simplicity of use, there is virtually no training required: whether you are an administrator, teacher, clinician or assistant, you will be up and running almost instantaneously.

Goal Seeker is a web-based platform that runs on any browser, using either PC or Mac, and with any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.


With Goal Seeker, you will not only provide objective evidence to document a student’s progress toward behaviorally relevant goals, you will stay on top of their progress and ultimately, provide a more effective approach to helping them.


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Setup & Roll

Goal Seeker works on any platform, as long as there is an internet connection. Setting up Goal Seeker couldn't be easier.  You enter (copy, type, upload) student and staff names, as well as goals, objectives or benchmarks, together with the measures of scoring these goals (numerical, categorical); you can also pick from a library of measurement scales, goals, objectives, and benchmarks that has been created by the large number of Goal Seeker users.  Goal Seeker is then ready to roll; if you need help defining the measures, we are ready to help.


Users login to the portal with their unique username and password and then either enter observations, explore patterns within their data, or set up other capacities including the ability to automatically calculate when target levels of performance have been achieved and then email all relevant members of the student's team, be they other educators, clinicians, parents, or event the student!


  A screenshot of the portal following login. Within each user's account, is a live manual, and depending upon priviliges, access to information about the programs within a school, the users, the SmartChart dashboard, and personal account information.





























•  A screenshot of the evaluation set up, showing the selected students, their goals, and measurement scales.































•  A screenshot of the main tab for the SmartChart. SmartChart is a dynamic dashboard, with built-in filters that are designed to make analysis as simple as a click of your mouse. Each filter enables you to zoom in on a dimension that could impact performance, such as the staff member interacting with the student, the time of day, the day of the week, or the type of involvement, activity or class period.




































•  A screenshot showing the average scores for one student's goals (left), and the average score for one goal,  by month,  for all students in the program (right).























Once you submit the information, all of the data are automatically added to a data base that is secure and available to you 24/7.  SmartChart is designed to enable educators to ask intelligent questions about the data they collect by simply clicking on a relevant dimension, whether student, time of day, range of days, target staff, or a subset of goals.   You pick the relevant dimension for charting change, and SmartChart shows you what you want, immediately.


•  As you create measures within Goal Seeker, you have the option of tagging (see below) and depositing them into either your School's Goal Bank, the Public Goal Bank, or both.  Both Goal Banks can later be searched, measures selected, and either used as is or revised.   The outcome is a public resource that will not only save users time, but will provide them with academic, social-emotional, and clinical assessments that are highly measurable, and linked to psychologically meaningful scales and methodologies for data collection.
























And if your staff need a bit of extra PD around writing measurable IEP Goals or Objectives, Goal Seeker  provides you with an IEP evaluator.  Staff simply provide information on the definition of their goal or objective, the scale of measurement, the benchmark, and the methods of evaluation, and our team provides feedback.  


With Goal Seeker software, you can provide objective measures to support your IEP reports, to discuss strategies with staff, and to showcase progress to students and parents. And, it's easy to use!



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