Every program that focuses on at-risk youth collects evidence.  But is the evidence used to document change or lack thereof?  Can the evidence be quickly harnessed to provide real-time analyses of micro- and macroscopic changes, from a single student during a short period of time to hundreds of students over many years?  Can staff quickly test the effectiveness of novel interventions? Risk-Eraser has developed a scientifically based approach to data collection that is simple to use and quickly provides feedback on programmatic effectiveness, as well as guidelines for future change ... 

Evidence as bedrock


Good decisions depend upon critical thinking. Whether it is a decision about friendship, our parents, education, or shopping, it is important to consider alternatives, assume different perspectives, think about present and future consequences, for both self and others. Current trends in education emphasize the need to teach critical thinking skills.  But much of the material is dry and uninteresting, and unlikely to motivate students to re-think decisions that matter for their well-being.  Risk-Eraser has developed a fundamentally different approach to teaching students about critical thinking, and teaching teachers how to teach it... 

Creating critical thinkers


The sciences show that self-control is a limited resource. Like your energy or muscle power, use it and lose it.  But the sciences also show that particular experiences and exercises can reboot self-control within a day, and strengthen it over time.  This is critical, as a significant proportion of at-risk students suffer from poor self-control, leading to addictions, repeated crimes, poor health, and lack of effort in school. Risk-Eraser has developed simple exercises that show massive increases in self-control ...

Sciences of self-control


We begin life with various capacities, both in terms of our mental and physical strengths and weaknesses. Nature hands us these capacities, and nurture provides the means for change. Recent discoveries within the brain sciences show that it is possible to strengthen core aspects of our capacity to learn, sharpening the main elements of the executive system: attention, self-control, working memory, and planning. Risk-Eraser has developed a suite of computer-based games and physical exercises that can dramatically change a child's ability to learn and make good decisions... 

Brain training

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